Contributing To Other’s Learning

I think a huge part of being an educator is how we contribute to other’s learning. Not just students, but colleagues as well. Throughout this ECMP355 course, this was put into practise as we were encouraged to interact with classmates and other professionals in an online environment. Commenting on blog posts, tweeting, and providing questions, answers and resources on a a Google+ community are ways in which I demonstrated this process. I have created a document with a select few of screenshots that represent what my online presents looked like throughout this course. This can be found on this google document.

On twitter I found myself posting a lot of teacher resources and interesting articles and blog posts around education such teaching strategies, useful tools, and lesson planning ideas. Liking tweets and retweeting was also something I was doing on a somewhat regular basis to demonstrates my interest and appreciation for other’s sharing. Check out my twitter account to explore what this looks like.

Using Google+ is another great way to interact with people online to share resources and ask and answer questions. It is was so nice to see how helpful everyone was and how interested everyone was to contribute and provide support to others. The word community definitely accurately describes this space. I set my notifications for this application on my mobile phone so that whenever someone posted I received an instant notifications. I did not know the answer to many of the inquires posted here, but I generally did what I could (many times, others beat me to the punch!)

Blogging is such a great way to interact with others online. I was given the opportunity through this course to share my personal opinions and growth on different topics and it was interesting to read other’s stances as well. Sometimes comments I made were simply just acknowledging that I agreed or were giving encouragement. Other times, though I did not comment as regularly as I probably should  have, I liked to provide a substantial comment with questions, thoughts and/or suggestions. 

The post for the above reply I made to a comment from a classmate is found here. It is a post about social activism in the media where I raised some questions to consider around the idea that our different social medias perhaps are used for different purposes and the implications of privilege with this. It received some insightful comments that I feel contributed to some of my classmate’s learning as well as my own. Overall, I think creating an eportfolio is an effective way to demonstrate more personal opinions on matters of education and social issues and topics. Blogging allows us to explore our own thought process and consider other’s points of view which is essential when considering an open mind.


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