Why Coding?

Coding is not my jam. I heard a little about coding and what it was last year in my ESCI class when we were exploring technology and I have occasionally watched one of my brothers do it (he creates games from scratch just for fun…) but it has never really been clear to me what it is, exactly. So, this week I learned it is the “behind the scenes” in the digital makeup of things. However, having some knowledge of what it is and actually doing it is presenting yet another struggle for me. I attempted practise some coding skills on Scratch, but could not really figure it out. I realized I desperately needed to start from square one. So I did a coding activity intended for young children (like age 5) on code.org.


I was able to successfully progress in this, as well as it helped me understand the basics. It kind of felt like it was a maze, and I was required to ensure my little fluffy ball passed through all the stars and to the finish line. I dragged the arrows in the order I felt would accomplish this. It seems simple, I know, but I think for beginners, like myself, it is what we need to do understand the fundamentals. If I was to introduce students to coding, this is the type of thing I would introduce them to. As I progress and grow in my own coding skills, I am able to understand the steps and procedures it takes because I lived it! I am aware that there will be students who are quite familiar with coding and so I plan to utilize online resources to provide the opportunity to challenge themselves.

So, why coding? I was interested, so I did some research. In addition to understand the language and make up of programming, I found this to be a very insightful and interesting point,

“We all know the future of our world is digital…so what can be more important to a child’s future than to provide a child now with a rich foundation in these integral thinking and problem solving skills that will be so valuable for success in his or her future world.” Found here

I had a conversation with my future intern coop and principle, and we had a conversation about educational technology and how their school has been doing learning experiences around coding. This definitely gave me incentive and motivation to keep learning about this subject (beyond my age 5 level of understanding – not saying anything is wrong with age 5!!). I have decided I am going to speak to my brother about this, because I feel like I will learning better with someone explaining it to me along side using a website.



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