Lyric Time

It was time to put some lyrics in. Slightly out of my comfort zone, I must demonstrate my progress as per project requirements! Singing and playing is actually not very challenging, however I am still trying to practice how to make my chords sounds a little more smoother without such emphasis on certain strings. I continued to refer to the Ultimate Guitar website which I highly recommend for anyone who is interested in learning a song on the guitar. Some of video tutorials on the bottom in order to learn about the strum patterns and picking, but I prefer to listen to the actual song over and over again to get an understanding of the rhythm and pattern.

Picking is definitely the next step I want to perfect with playing guitar. I have never really done too much looking into it, but I figured there must be some exercises that could contribute to this learning. I found this site here that does just that! As I continue to learn, I will look into some more (simple) songs that I can try and play. I am thinking of possibly looking into the song Hallelujah performed by Alexandra Burke.

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