Expanding My Horizons

Learning to play a song on the guitar via internet is going quite well. As I have mentioned before, playing the guitar is something I am kind of familiar with, but there are many elements I have yet to learn. For this learning project, I wanted to focus on and explore picking, and I used Like A Star to begin this process. As I engaged with my youtube tutorial, the chords got more complex then I had anticipated and I wanted to actually be able to have a finish product for this overall project!! So, as way to use what I learned from this song (and still learn from as I carry on with this particular song), I have expanding my somewhat limited picking abilities to other songs as well! Why not provide some variety, right? Basically, I noticed myself sitting playing guitar and after slowly but surely somewhat playing music, I want to actually play a song. I found a really nice country song titled, Girl Crush by Little Big Town which I have begun practising as well.

I applied what I learned from Dean from Fundamental Guitar and used this website to learn the chords. The thing I like about this website (many guitar chord websites have this feature) is that just by playing your curser on the chord above a lyric, it displays an image of what the chord should look like.

Also, side note, I learned how to take a screen shot on my macbook. This is not very exciting to most, I’m sure, because it was painfully  simple as I simply googled, “how to take a screenshot on mac” which directed me to the apple website with step by step instructions. Press Shift-Command-3, or for a portion, Shift-Command-4 and drag pointer, in case you were wondering. This is going to next my next few blog posts so much easier 🙂

Here is some picking progress I have made with this new song:

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