“Just Like a Song in My Heart”

I have been so busy this spring semester taking over a full course load so it is important for to me make time for myself and do things I enjoy doing. I am grateful that this project has required me to do just that. I have been a little behind, but I need to remind myself of that joy in this, not the work! As the song comes along, it reminds me of the joy playing music brings me and so when I get frustrated with this song I am learning, I will stop and play something I already know which gives me confidence and motivation to keep going.

I have been practising my chords here and there, but here is some video evidence that shows this is somewhat becoming a “song in my heart.” I warn you, this isn’t the prettiest four chords you will hear in your life thanks to me, but it’s just my progress, okay!?

So I found some online support. Here is a blog that lists 10 things to keep in my when learning how to play the guitar. Something that I found particular inspirational was the idea to, “Play what you like, like what you play.” It is very true. We need to like what we are learning in order to enjoy the process. I have noticed that throughout my musical “career” growing up and currently, I am interested in different types of music in different contexts. With regards to playing song on the guitar, I find myself really enjoying slow, country, bluesy, singer-songwriter songs. I had mentioned in one of my earlier posts that my motivation is to be able to play this song around the campfire this summer. Because I enjoy this music so much, I think “liking what I play” will really enhance that motivation!

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