Feelin’ Sleuthy

The time has come to put my “sleuthing” abilities into action. So, Payton Keen and I decided to see what one other’s digital identity is made up of. Referencing a “digital sleuthing worksheet” from ECMP 355 (and what seemed to be like an extremely creepy process), I realized how much information you can find out about a person on the internet and how it really does create an identity for someone. After I “sleuthed” Payton, I can honestly say, she has done a good job in creating a very positive digital identity.

I found her on twitter, Facebook, and she has a WordPress blog. When I google her, her picture is one of the top images and I was able to click on her Instagram account, but it was locked, so no access there. There were other media accounts associated with her name but were not her (unless she is secretly  a mine craft genius on youtube?) Anyway, my overall impression on Payton based on her digital footprint would be a very positive one! She seems very involved in her education via her twitter account by tweeting and retweeting topics such as technology in the classroom, the LGBTQ community, reconciliation and other thoughtful messages around current education topics and issues. From her digital identity, she seems like a very kind, fun, well-liked individual.



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