Getting Techy in Your Classroom – A video maker that is EASY TO USE!

Alright. So I wanted to explore a video making website that I could use with students for doing projects and presentations. I explored and found it to be simplistic (just how I like it) and easy to upload and save. Basically, you just upload pictures and/or videos to create a slideshow with captions and music if preferred to present an idea, experience, or whatever you or your student’s are working on. Or, you can use the “marketing” element and can either start from scratch or use a template that guides your direction (good for students). Here is what that page looks like:







Some features: 

  • Navigation around the website is straightforward and easy to follow.
  • There is a “Beginner’s Guide” that shows the basics, provides some inspirations, and gives a step by step explanation on how to create the best video possible (emphasizing cool editing features).
  • There are really only 3 steps, so it is very student friendly. I would go through this step by step guide with your class before allowing students to engage with the technology.
  • You can upload your own pictures/videos/music.
  • Able to share to youtube, Facebook, twitter, email .

Observations and restrictions to note: 

  • Like I have said before, there is not a lot going on, so it is very student friendly.
  • There is a slideshow options and marketing option, so having these options provides more direction depending on what you are using this for.
  • My sample video uploaded to youtube in minutes (could be that it is only 18 seconds?)
  • Signing up for this site is only on a trial bases unless paying for the upgrade. I could not see if the trial expires, but once a video is made and saved, you would have it forever.

How you could use it in your classroom (lesson planning ideas):

  • Use for any type of presentation in a research/action project (more for Middle Years and up)
    • Science: Outcome: IE7.4 Analyze how ecosystems change in response to natural and human influences, and propose actions to reduce the impact of human behaviour on a specific ecosystem. [DM, CP]
      • Indicator: Propose a course of action or defend a given position on a local ecological issue or problem related to natural or human influences on a particular ecosystem, taking into account scientific, societal, technological, and environmental factors.
    • The Health curriculum requires action planning
      • This video tool could be a way to demonstrate an action plan (ex. not eating refined sugar for 7 days) and then either presented, handed in to the teacher or posted on classroom blog.

Here is my sample video… Let me know if you are unable to watch this, I set my youtube channel to private, and I am not sure if that makes the link accessible to all!



5 thoughts on “Getting Techy in Your Classroom – A video maker that is EASY TO USE!

  1. I used animoto too! It was simple, and made a cool little video for me. The upload time as great as well, especially compared to how much time it usually takes to upload videos for me. Good stuff.

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