Learning Project – Progress Report no. 1

I began my first session of learning the song, Like a Star by Corinne Bailey Rae by doing some intensive ear training. Tuning a guitar without an actual guitar tuner requires much silence and patients and this  useful youtube video. After this process, I simply began to follow the instructions from the youtube video I previously posted from my last post. I am currently in the process of memorizing the chords and picking for the first verse so I can practise without the video. Once I have these chords and picking memorized, I can practise them over and over again anywhere, anytime.

You can’t tell, but this guitar is extremely out of tune.

The trouble I ran into last time I attempted to learn this song two years ago was the lack of literally playing each chords 50 times in order to be able to transition from chord to chord fluently in order to create actual music. An additional learning outcome I will achieve through this learning project will definitely be patience. I fear I may get tired of playing the same thing over and over again, but what I need to realize is, that is the only way I will be able to accomplish this song (mini self-pep talk going on, here). My goal is to be able to play this song around the campfire later this summer, so that will also be my motivation!

7 thoughts on “Learning Project – Progress Report no. 1

  1. Amy,
    I have always wanted to learn to play a guitar but I too, like you used to be, get bored after so much repitition! Having a goal to play around the campfire is awesome motivation to keep you on track! I can’t wait to hear how far you come!

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