Exploring Blogs to Follow

My search for blogs and educational resources to follow began by simply typing in key words in the Feedly website that align with my philosophy of education. I am particularly interesting in outdoor education, social justice, gender and sexual diversity, environmental ed., treaty education, and basically anything in the news about Education. In addition, I think it is important to follow blogs and select resources of general interests and hobbies. So, on twitter and/or Feedly, I decided to follow some local news channels, local restaurants, and some health and fitness blogs.

Having access to this type of educational and informational material is so much better than mindlessly scrolling through Facebook or Instagram. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy those media sites, but if I am going to be on technology while waiting, relaxing, or procrastination, why not read something educational and influential. The teaching profession has a large emphasis on sharing thoughts and ideas with one another, and if I can use tools like twitter and Feedly to promote this type of community, I am happy to engage! Here is my Feedly Page, and here is a snapshot of my feed today:

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