Blogging is Awesome. Period.

During my second year living in Regina and my second year of Education, I became very interested in healthy eating and cooking. I wanted to create a blog to document all my cool new recipes and philosophies on healthy eating, so I started a personal blog in which I shared with some friends and family. As it turned out, two classes that I was taking at the time required me to have an academic blog where I would post reflections and other assignments. With the little experience I had with blogging, I became familiar with wordpress, and I have thoroughly enjoyed having this as a tool in my education. I see my blog or “eportfolio” as a database for all my most valued assignments that I can put into practice as well as share with others. In addition, I find it a great way to organize and display my professional development through my involvements and achievements.

When I have my own classroom, I plan to have a classroom blog. I will use this to keep parents involved as well as share ideas and teaching/learning experiences with my colleagues. Also, referencing this article, I believe it would help me grow as an educator to get some feedback about what I doing in the classroom from other teachers as well as gain a sense of confidence from my reader’s comments and ideas. Twitter has become very popular for this type of thing too, so I have also created a twitter account to facilitate my own learning as well as be involved in the educational whelm of the twittersphere. I don’t have a lot going on, but click here to check out my tweets and don’t forget to click, “follow” :D.

Anyways, here is a picture that does not make me a copyright criminal (advanced searched on google: free to use or share) that depicts my my thoughts and feelings about blogging:


3 thoughts on “Blogging is Awesome. Period.

  1. Amy,
    As I read through your blog I noticed how light heated and engaging your post sounds. I, too, am a proponent of healthy eating. Would you like to share your recipe blog with me?
    Having a classroom blog is a great idea!!
    Tanya Weller


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