In Class Treaty Ed Lesson Planning

Discussing and dissecting the importance indicators has really helped me in understanding how to create a lesson. From here, I now understand what a unit could look like, and how big ideas are found in small ideas. Focusing on blooms taxonomy also really helps in developing lessons. As Jessica, Laura, Payton, and I started doing this assignment, we wanted to move beyond having students explain concepts having to do with Canadian events and multiculturalism. So, we created the modified indicator as analyzing effects of colonization and assimilation of the Canadian government on First Nations and Metis to demonstrate trends in Canada’s current demographics.

After looking at what this lesson would entail, we realized we create a research and presentation type outcome. This required prior knowledge of historical events that resulted from colonization and assimilation and the current implications these have. With this prior knowledge and decision of what we wanted students to get out of this outcome, we realized that other lessons could easily be added around this particular lesson. It came to my attention that we basically had a unit in mind. It is reassuring to know that this was a possible way to create a unit around such heavy topics, so I now have an understanding on how to do so. I found that incorporating treaty education into an outcome like the one we were given was not that difficult with the help of the OTC website. Referring back to this website is definitely something I will be doing in the future when taking on an outcome that looks too closed ended.

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