Pre-Internship Week 8

A very bittersweet day. I am glad I am one step ahead in my educational journey, however leaving my classroom for 3.5 months was a little sad! We were able to engage in a little potluck type thing at the end of the day that tied into my lesson, being that it was around pacific rim countries and their resources around food production. Teaching from a multicultural lens was an interesting experience because I am aware of the idea that teaching about multiculturalism can be problematic. The reason for this is that I do not want to “celebrate” other cultures without acknowledging the beliefs and values within a particular culture and the relationship between dominant western cultures that may under-value a minority culture. As these thoughts were going through my head, I wanted to, at the very least, give my explanation of the particular dish I had brought to the class. I wanted to make sure students knew that this El Salvador dish meant something to my family because my cousin’s husband is from El Salvador and makes an attempt to introduce us to his culture by means of showing us how to make different foods. I was very pleased to see how much grade 7 and 8’s enjoy refried beans!

Overall, I appreciate everything my coop teacher has done for me in providing guidance, as well as I appreciate having the opportunity in putting theory to practice in terms of teaching. I learned many things including classroom management, how to facilitate different types of lessons, and the importance of building relationships with students in order to create a positive learning environment. There were a few challenges I faced including time management, the preparation of a stand alone lesson, and how to create an even flow. Thankfully, I was able to overcome these challenges or at least ways in which I can overcome in the future.

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