Week 6/7


Distance: 10 kilometers

Time: ~1hr. and 15 min.


I am getting a lot of positive feedback and encouragement from my friends, family and peers about my personal development project. Whenever I tell someone what I am doing, they say things like, “wow, that’s awesome,” or “good for you!” or “you’ll be doing a half marathon in no time.” Like I stated in my contract, this type of encouragement is one thing that is going to keep me on track, and it has. Usually, when I am done a run, I will snapchat ( which is an application on my smart phone that sends temporary pictures to my friends) announcing my accomplished distance. I like displaying my accomplishments because it not only allows me to me feel good about myself, but I feel like it serves as motivation to those around me. I know many of my close friends and family are involved in a fairly active lifestyle, so seeing and hearing me talk about my own active lifestyle choices makes from very insightful and engaging  conversation.

I have come a long way from 5 km. I remembering telling my friend about a year ago that my goal was to just be able to run for 45 minutes. I didn’t care what distance I would make or my pace, I just wanted to gain the endurance to be able to not stop for 45 minutes. I never did reach that goal until I started this personal development project two months ago. Being able to run (or jog or whatever) for over 60 minutes is not uncommon, and I assume that anyone who is getting daily exercise and training their heart is easily able to do that. However, the sense of joy that this seemingly small goal has brought to me has taught me something very significant about physical activity. It’s not about comparing your abilities to others, its about setting goals for yourself, challenging yourself, and then accomplishing something you worked for. The satisfaction that goes along with that process cannot be taught, it needs to be experienced.

My end goal is 15km, and I am not stopping based on the due date of this assignment. Next stop, 11 km!

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