Pre-Internship Week 6

Yet another successful day in the field. I was able to observe some different lessons today with different teachers which was very insightful. Today turned into a “day 5” instead of the “day 2” that we have been observing thus far. For the first period, we went with our class to their french lesson. It was interesting to see how the same group of people act differently or the same in a different environment with a different teacher. In this case, I found that because some students had the option to sit in large groups with their friends, controlling the noise level and participation was more difficult for the the teacher. I realize that sometimes, allowing students to have the freedom of group discussion and work periods may not always be effective. For some lessons (like a groups project), I think it would be effective. But for a lecture type lesson, students need to focus their attention on the content coming from the front (in this case, french), and not their classmates.

The lesson I taught today was a lesson on systems of government. My coop had suggested teaching a lesson using group work and to split the class up in four groups. For this particular assignment, Kelly and I kind of team taught in a sense that we were teaching the same material, but we were in different spaces managing the class in a different manner. Getting the class into smaller groups, then only teaching half the class, allows for higher quality conversations, and more teach-student engagement. However I must realize that the majority of the time, this is not how my teaching career is going unfold. I have witnessed some team teaching with my coop and another teacher, but again, this is an exception in some schools and subjects.  Nevertheless, I am glad I at least got a sense of how that would go if I ever do get the opportunity to team teach.

An important learning experience I had this week was learning about a way to allows students to do effective internet research. Part of the assignment was to do some research on the type of government that particular group was given. Each student had access to a chrome book and they logged on to their google classroom where our coop had posted our link to the google document that they were to make a copy of and fill in the chart. I was impressed of the student’s ability to navigate the chrome book and online assignments that was asked of them. I want to teach my future students this skill and the importance of how useful these tools can really be. We provided them with some websites to go to to look for some of the answers, and something my coop mentioned to me was to mention to the student why I provided them these resources. I explained to them that I gave these sources to them because I knew they were credible sources and “kid friendly” as in, if someone does not know a lot about a complex subject, these resources lay it out in a simply yet effective manner. This piece of advice from my coop is very valuable, and I will definitely address this to any students I teach about online resources.

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