Pre-Internship Week 5

This week I wanted to try a lesson format that allowed students to work independently. The lesson centred around a page of information on numbered treaties, then they answered some questions. The last part of the lesson was applying the idea of numbered treaties in a geographical level by colouring the territories on a Canadian map. I thought this topic would be a good opportunity to try this type of lesson because I knew that these students do not have a lot of prior knowledge on treaty education. I basically just wanted the students to be exposed to this content. I was able to assess their knowledge based on the answers they gave which allowed me to interpret their understanding of numbered treaties.

This was the first time I taught treaty education to a class and at times, it was intimidating. I have had many learning experiences with treaty education, but I spent more time than usual making sure I knew all the aspects of the content I was teaching. It was important to make sure the quality of my teaching was what those students and the outcomes for treaty education deserved.  I was happy I had the opportunity to engage in a lesson about treaties because I felt like I was doing something progressive in terms of social justice.

My classroom management skills are definitely put to the test with this very vibrant, energetic class. I think the biggest challenge is being able to grab the students attention and keep them engaged enough in order to avoid the students getting distracted by one another. I have found that by walking around the classroom and using the relationships I have developed with the students, I can redirect them to the lesson and what is expected of them.

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