Week 5


Distance: 9.12 kilometers

Time: 61 min


I actually did not plan this… I was going to do a 20ish minutes run today and do my long distance one tomorrow. However, the beautiful evening and ease of my pace told me to keep going. I planned to just go with my body on this one. I did not tell myself I was going to do run the full 9k, but I allowed myself the option incase I felt the ease I did last week. Running is turning into something more than physical exercise now. I breathe in the fresh air (and the cooking supper from all the houses I pass because I did this at 5PM), and I feel happy. Genuinely happy. I like the fact that I have built up the endurance to think of things other than the finish line and I reflect on my day and mental state. I did not have the best day today, and I was able to reflect on the day in a way that did not make me anxious, but calm. All this was going through my mind as I was able to actually THINK without THINKING about cramps in my stomach or any other tiredness in my body. That is where I want to be when going for a run – in a state of mind that allows me to escape from my day and just relax. Thinking about my to do list and other stuff does not seem like relaxing, but while I am jogging, thinking about these things keeps me occupied, and it makes life seem better (okay, maybe thats the “high”I was talking about earlier). However, it was not without some effort to reach 9km, and I know that I will need to have the same open minded mindset next week to carry on. I question that as I progress, that this “ease” I speak of will subside and turn into pushing myself really hard in order to reach 15km. We will just have to see………



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