Pre-Internship Week 4

Today was an educational day. By that, I mean that I learned about the complexity of lesson planning when you do not know student’s prior knowledge on a given subject. I was quite confident in my lesson (natural resource bingo game), but I knew there were a few concepts thats needed to be understood before playing the game. I wanted to experience a lesson strategy of student note taking, so I simply had students copy down some definitions then we discussed them. This was boring yet essential because in order to play the game, like I said, they needed to have access to this knowledge. I realized that I wanted to change the pace and move into the bingo game before the definitions were done because we started engaging in discussion that showed me that they may be ready to move on. As we played the game, I ended up spending more time explaining things than actually playing the game. So because I was not prepared to transfer SO much knowledge on natural resources and what constitutes a fossil fuel and why, the quality of my answers were not what the students deserved. We ended up taking a break from the game and learning some more definitions to help us understand.

The activity itself and the idea of the lesson was, in my opinion, a well thought out lesson. However, the sequence of events was wrong, and the content needed more comprehension in order to engage in an “application” model (the bingo game). The day itself was a good day, and I am getting very comfortable in the environment of a classroom and school. I am establishing relationships with the students which allows me to step out of my comfort zone and perhaps teaching and engage in discussion more effectively. Also, classroom management becomes easier with more respect from the students which makes everyone’s lives a lot easier.

As I said, it was an educational day. I believe that a lesson not going as planned is not a bad lesson, it is just a time for learning. The students obviously learned something about the content based on the KWL charts I received from them and the quality of the discussion, however I just would have switched the focus had I known that more time should have been spent “here” instead of “there”. Aside from my lesson, I observed a physical education class which was… interesting, and I learned how to sing a song in ASL which the class will be presenting at their remembrance day service next week. Attending the school every Wednesday has become a vital element to my practical education which I value very much. I care about my lessons, and each week I try to challenge myself with the various strategies and methods I have learned within my courses.

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