Week 4


Distance: 8.12 kilometers

Time: 54 min.


Why did I stop spending time outside? I could justify this by saying I am “busy” – I have places to go, homework to accomplish, relaxing to do after a busy day, and so on. But those are terrible excuses and ones I will not make in order to avoid the fact that spending time outside is therapeutic. Healing. Refreshing. What does this have to do with my run? You can probably guess it, I did my 8K outside today after my pre-internship day in the classroom. I had a snack right when I got home, did some things around my house, then just did it. I did not stop for 54 minutes, and I honestly could not believe how easy it was! I thought about my day, my life, my route, nothing at all, how I physically felt, and really, it was way nicer to look at the sunset then watch what Donal Trump tweeted that day (CBC news)! I think that the water and food I ate and drank throughout the day contributed to the ease of this run, and I plan to adapt this strategy in the future. Let’s just hope it doesn’t snow too much in the next couple weeks – and if it does.. I guess I’ll be wearing layers and looking for some winter safe running shoes!

P.s. I should note that I am using the app, “Map My Run” to track my distance and time.. see picture below:


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