Week 3


Distance: 7km

Time: 48 min


I did this run on the treadmill at the U of R fitness centre in the morning before my 8:30 class. It had some bumpy points, but in the end, I did finished the 7 km. I wanted to focus on the mental element of physical activity during this period, and I found it interesting how I was almost having a conversation with myself pre, during, and post run. I told myself things like, “Amy, you will do 7km today” and, “keep going you’re almost there.” Although these subtle motivational self speeches geared me in the right direction, I now feel that the mental aspect comes from the physical feeling of the body. I was able to accomplish the full run, however, through watching the time on the treadmill go down, the food network, CBC news, and house renovations, I did not feel that endorphin “high” that I know exists from physical activity. Perhaps I was caught up in my day or life, or the fact that I told myself I had to do this leaving my mind unopened to the fact that maybe, just maybe, my body did not want to do this today. Never the less, I have come to the conclusion that mentally, I can tell myself to do something, and I’ll do it, but that does not necessarily mean I am contributing to “healthy” mental health. Nevertheless, I am happy I accomplished another kilometre, and I am looking forward to see how next week feels.

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