Week 2


Distance: 6 kilometres

Time: 42 min (3 min. warm up walk at 3.5mph included at beginning)


The run after Thanksgiving… I believe I accumulated enough carbs over the weekend to run for miles! Actually, no.. this was a challenge and, honestly, the only time of the week I went to the gym. But I did it! I am quite proud of myself – this is the longest distance I have ever ran. There were about two 3 minute walks around the 20 minute and 30 minute mark, but nonetheless, I did not stop until I hit 6km. Hopefully 7km goes smoothly, and I will remember to bring a snack for my post run so I don’t fade away. Also, I realized that the treadmill at the U of R fitness centre only allows for 40 minute time slots. So I need to address this hiccup and possibly run around the track (no TV?!) or go to a different gym. Maybe I can run around the track for 15 minutes then switch to the treadmill. Anyways, I plan talk more about the mental element of this project next reflection.

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