Week 1


Distance: 5.4 kilometres

Time: 35 min. (3 minute warm up walk at 3.5mph included in that)


Crushed this casual 5k at 7AM on Thursday, Oct. 7 at the U of R fitness centre on treadmill no. 10. I had gone for a jog both Tuesday and Wednesday, and for some reason, I was just not feeling it. I only ran about 4k and was pretty tired post run. However, on this Thursday morning, I was totally physical and mentally prepared. The night before, I ate a carb filled supper (quinoa casserole with some quinoa cookies for dessert – oops?), and in the morning I had some cocoa coconut Qi’a cereal with almond milk. I ate my breakfast about 45 minutes before my run which I think really contributed to my energy level. Something I can see myself struggling with as I progress to longer distances is my boredom. Running for 35 minutes on a treadmill, for me, can get kind of boring leading me to concentrate on how I feel physically instead of mentally. I begin to think I am getting tired when in fact, I think I am just bored. A solution I found with this challenge is watching the TV on the front of the treadmill. Now, I have mixed feelings about this because it totally takes away from the mental aspect of the challenge. However, if I am trying to focus on distance, and it means watching couples search for houses/having “dinner wars”/current events on the news to gain stamina – so be it! Something I found useful in terms of watching TV while running was changing the channel every 10 minutes. I did a 5 minute stretch post run and was feeling pretty good, but then I should have eaten something (like an apple or protein bar) before my 8:30 class because my energy level was dropping significantly at around 9AM.

Next stop, 6k!

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