Treaty Ed Camp Reflection

I am grateful I had the opportunity to attend Treaty Ed Camp on Saturday. Unfortunately, I was not able to experience the whole day, but what I was exposed to was great time. I went to the female pipe ceremony at 7AM which was such a cool experience because I have only been to a pipe ceremony with a male elder and pipe present. It felt more personable, and I felt like I could relate more. After the pipe ceremony, I was a volunteer for the morning. I felt proud to be there and involved on a level that contributed to the event itself. My first shift was being a greeter and telling people where to go to register. After that, I sat at the registration table until 10:30, then I packed it up, and brought the box of registration supplies to the TPC.

I was able to attend a session at 10:45-11:30. The presenter was Jessica Pultz, and she presented a slideshow on assimilation, looking through the eyes of First Nations people. It was a slideshow that could be incorporated into a lesson plan that allows students(middle years) to determine how they would feel in the assimilation process with “New People” and First Nations. Some of the information was very eye-opening and was not sugar coated. I think this is important to present to students because it is the truth, and it is something that I would definitely consider accessing for my future lesson plans.

This session, and I’m sure the others were as well, very valuable information because treaty education resources are vital. If I ever feel that I do not have resources to effectively implement treaty ed in my classroom, I can recall this experience and know where and who to turn to when I need it. In addition, the knowledge I obtained that day allowed me to share insight with my parents later that day because they had come to the city for a wedding. We engaged in conversation in which I actually pulled in information on treaties that I learned that day.

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