EE interdisciplinary planning and teaching

If we are to believe that all education is environmental education, than interdisciplinary teaching is crucial. The limit to treating every subject like it’s own individual knowledge system, is that students and anyone inquiring, would lack the skills of connecting how everything works together. I have read and learned throughout my education career that when we are able to make connections between basically anything, there will be a better comprehensions of whatever is being inquired about. But back to the importance of environmental education.. I think it should surface in all subjects so students exploring any concept know that whatever we do, wherever we go, and whatever we inquire about, should involve the bigger picture: where we live and how we live. As I developed the unit plan with my group members, I found it surprisingly easy to incorporate environmental education in a variety of subjects. Going even further, it is actually quite doable to connect each lesson into one another taking the concept and knowledge and engaging, exploring, elaborating and evaluating through different tasks and most importantly, different perspectives.

I was walking up the stairs in the education building one day, and I was randomly thinking about my identity. What do I identify with? I thought about how I would say I am an emerging teacher (so in the future I would identify as a teacher). I then thought, “well, I would also say I’m an environmental educator” because my philosophy around teaching is guided by the importance of making connections, and central to that theme is the importance of the environment and what is means to not only me, but other people such as Indigenous people. Teaching about respect, appreciation, what the environment means to me, you, First Nations, what is missing, and how we can deconstruct certain paradigms around the subject is something I have now adopted in my way of thinking about learning and teaching. I concluded that being a teacher and being an environmental educator are not two binary concepts, but rather they are one within each other guiding my outlook and philosophy of teaching.

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