Reflection on Action Learning Project

I found that planning and executing my Action Learning Project was very much inquiry based. The idea of exploring and uncovering an unknown concept with regards to the environment has showed me ways that I can learn about something by using my own intuition and direction of choice. This freedom did, however, make me feel like I needed to be more consciously aware of my ways of thinking about my particular topic: the importance and ecological impact of local food. I am aware that dominate discourses very much shape how, what, and why I think they way I do. Going about this, I paid particular attention to making sure I was doing the right thing (with regards to assessment) throughout the project. I was forgetting that this was a process of my eco-identity and that this actually had a personal effect on me. Keeping track of food miles and learning about locally produced products stemmed from the idea that we are polluting the environment which could be decreased with this type of awareness. An aspect that was in the back of mind because I wanted to deconstruct dominate discourses was that supporting local is more than trying to be “environmentally friendly.” I find that dominate discourse around food transportation has a lot to do with being conscious of an ecological footprint. Although this is important to understand, what we may fail to realize is that people used to live and support their community before European contact. As an environmental educator, I can show the “before” to reasons as to why this issue is important.

My Eco-identity had room to grow in this process. I uncovered thoughts, feelings, and information about myself because learning about an environmental consideration I had interest in. As I go about my micro-unit plan, I want to ensure that I allow my potential audience to engage in such an inquiry-based cycle. In a sense, this may surface patterns of dominate discourses which can give me an opportunity to challenge these ways of thinking and present students with alternate perspectives.

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