Reflection on the Course Material

Treaty Education: I have been all for teaching and incorporating treaty education into my future classroom, but I have struggled with how I would implement this in a practical way. All this time, I was under the impression that treaty education meant teaching a culture. I was confused as to why I was been encouraged to teach bout a culture I did not grow up in or even identify with because I am not First Nations. However, After listening to Claire it had an epiphany. It’s not that we are to teach the culture, we are to teach the treaty history, the colonial history in Canada, and essentially what happened and what needs to happen with regards to reconciliation. This was very encouraging, and I now gain a better understanding on the subject of treaty education.

Racism: The fact that we are all (or most) racist was not a new concept to wrap my head around, and so I was familiar with this conception of racism. However, with extensive discussion on this subject and the idea that we are all racist because its the air we breathe because it is embedded in our discourses, I fear the intensity of this word will weaken. Before, we are told that racism is not a problem anymore because the overt forms are rarely seen. Now we are told that that it is inescapable because ways in which we think and the systemic implications (education, government, socio-economic implications) have become determents of this current existing problem. If we all agree on this issue (which I would argue we should), and if we are told there’s really nothing we can do to change yourself but be aware, will the term racism adopt a new definition; a definition that people will give up on because there is no easy solution? I would argue that we need to allow ourselves to address this in a way to education the younger generation. Clearly, we were brought up in ways that have exposed us to these discourses without our conscious knowing. We know this now, so why don’t we change how we socialize the children who have not yet been exposed to such an oppressive paradigm. This sounds like hard work…. almost impossible… but like I said, there is no easy solution.

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