Eco-literacy Love Letter

Dear Anja,

There is a simple beauty about you. Beyond appearance, charisma, and intelligence, you hold a value that has the ability to change the world. Among the chaos, materialistic world, and consumerism, you acknowledge the beauty and importance of nature. Not just the majestic element of the natural world, but the interconnecting networks between living things. It was you that inspired me to care about the environment as much I do. You recycle, compost, walk everywhere, and even did the vegetarian thing for a year. You educate me about the ecosystems in the ocean and how they are being destroyed, and that the temperature of water to actually kill germs would burn our hands, so washing with hot water only hurts the environment. I don’t know all the logistics  behind all your little facts, but I think it is so cool that you care so much about the environment to go out of your way to learn about it. This biophilia you possess allows you to explore the earth in a way that proves that the earth does not need us to survive, but we need it. I’ve learned from you that we can take, just like the animals take the resources to feed, the plants take the energy from the sun, as well as the vast majority of ecosystems that use but reuse resources, we just need to give back. With this knowledge at your fingertips, you mirror a practical way to sustain.

When did we stop caring? Why do you care so much? The passion you have for not only thinking about here and now, but the future shows how ecoliterate you are and your want to create a sustainable environment. This ability seems like second nature to you, and it is admirable and motivating. My wish is that one day, everyone will see and treat the world and everything that it entails through you passionate, open eyes.

Love, Amy


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